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Music of World War One at the Vintage Band Festival

The Imperial Cornet Band will represent The Maryland Military Band at the 2019 Vintage Band Festival in Northfield, MN from August 1-4!  Check out the full schedule of events on the VBF website and follow us on Facebook for more details!

The Maryland Military Band is a 501(c)(3) non-profit musical and educational organization in the state of Maryland. Founded in 2017, the Band follows the model of the nation’s premiere military bands by developing well-trained musical ensembles to perform music from the concert band, wind band, and military band repertoire in a variety of ceremonial and concert settings.

The Maryland Military Band performs public concerts for the enjoyment of the citizens of Maryland and is also available to provide musical support to various state, local, and military agencies as well as non-governmental organizations for ceremonies, receptions, other official functions and special events, including civic and patriotic activities in the state of Maryland and the surrounding region. The Band strives for the highest standards in both musical performance and ceremonial protocol, seeking to provide a professional level of ceremonial and musical support that can meet the needs of any government agency, military unit, or veteran service organization. The Band is known for its “theme” concerts which often recognize or commemorate important occasions or anniversaries in the history of our nation and our state.

The all-volunteer membership of The Maryland Military Band includes former and retired musicians from military bands including The US Air Force Band, The US Army Field Band, The US Marine Band, National Guard bands, and The Maryland Defense Force Band, as well as other former and retired members of the US military who served in non-musical fields, current and former music educators, music students, professional free-lance performers, and community members from all walks of life who share a love of military band music.

For more information about The Maryland Military Band, to find out more about joining the Band, or to request the Band’s performance, please send us an e-mail at  You can also find The Maryland Military Band on Facebook at

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